Scholarships: Find Scholarships Online


Scholarships: Find Scholarships Online

Find Scholarships on the Internet

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Okay, you're ready to tackle the task to find scholarships to pay for college. And you want to use the Internet in your search process. But there are so many scholarship services out there: which ones should you use? How do you know what qualities and features to look for in a scholarship service? Should you use a fee-based service or a free one? And how do you avoid scams while you search for awards? Use the following guide to determine what to look for and to help you find the service that will best fit your scholarship needs.

Profile Matches Are Key

You want a scholarship service with sophisticated matching technology. A good scholarship service will match your personal information only with scholarships that you are eligible to apply for. This will minimize the time you spend browsing through lists of awards, and will give you more time to actually work on the application process. Look for more than just simple keyword search services or services that only ask a few questions about your background. Look for services with easy-to-use, thorough profile pages that generate results closely matched to your profile.

Up-to-Date Scholarship Information

Accurate and up-to-date information is important. The details for scholarship programs from two years ago will not help you; in fact, outdated information will slow your progress in actually securing scholarship funding for college. You need a service that offers current scholarship information. Don't waste time with outdated contact lists, broken links, and discontinued programs.

The Privacy Policy

Do not become part of a spamming list! When you fill out a profile with a scholarship service, the service collects and stores your personal information; this is necessary for accurate scholarship matching. Be sure to read the privacy policy for any service you are considering so you know what happens to that information once you submit it. Some websites pay their bills by selling your information to outside parties that want to advertise to you, so be sure you understand what you agree to. Look for credible, clearly stated privacy policies: the last thing you need is an email inbox full of spam and a mailbox full of junk mail.

An Easy Process

Make sure the service is set up to save you time. If you fill out the profile, make sure the information can be saved so you don't have to start from scratch each time you want to search for more scholarships. Also, make sure there is a way to edit and update your profile, in case you change your major or improve your test scores or change your mind about the college or university you want to attend. Such features will save you time and frustration in the search process, and that's what you should be aiming for: saving time, avoiding scams, and finding money to pay for college!

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