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Trade Schools in British Columbia

British Columbia has several industries that are in high demand most of the time, even when the economy is sluggish. Trade schools in British Columbia are poised to train you for many vocational jobs that are opening in an economically well-rounded province. Attending trade schools in British Columbia, you could avoid the years of school and rising tuition costs you might encounter for an associate degree or a bachelor's.

The government-run Statistics Canada reports that British Columbia's unemployment rate was 8.2 percent as of January 2011. That's a 0.6 increase from the previous month and a 0.7 percent change from January 2010.

With rebounding industries come more jobs. Trade schools in British Columbia can help with the necessary skills for several industries, including these leaders. The 2008 data for the total number of workers is provided by StatCan and is the latest available:

  1. Wholesale & retail trade: 354,800
  2. Health & social assistance: 245,600
  3. Construction: 220,800
  4. Manufacturing: 187,400

Trade schools in British Columbia help you make financial headway

Many fields require workers that have been trained in trade schools, including the following:

  1. Commercial drivers
  2. Mechanics
  3. Heating and air conditioning technicians
  4. Surgical assistants

The median income in British Columbia was CA$67,890 in 2008, the latest year available from StatCan, compared to the median income for all of Canada, which was CA$68,860. The Canadian Real Estate Association estimates that the median home price for January 2011 in British Columbia was CA$548,183, significantly higher than the national average of CA$343,675. The extra job skills you gain in trade schools in British Columbia could help with the cost of living in this beautiful province.

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Other Career Colleges & Vocational Schools in BC

Automotive Training Centres
Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal; also online courses. Automotive technician, auto body tech, parts / service, sales, more.
Eton College
Vancouver, British Columbia. Business, hospitality, travel / tourism. www.etoncollege.ca
Marvel College
Kelowna, British Columbia. Hair and esthetics. www.mccollege.ca
New Image College of Fine Arts
Vancouver, BC. Esthetics, makeup, acting.
Nexient Learning
Fort St. John, Prince George, Vancouver, Victoria, also locations in other provinces
Sprott-Shaw Community College
British Columbia, multiple locations. Private career college
Vancouver Film School
Vancouver, BC