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In the last five years in Hawaii, education and health services were the job-growth leaders; other industries that showed growth, according to the state's Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, included mining and construction. Tourism remains the state's leading industry and is also growing, but more slowly. Some of the jobs that attending trade schools in Hawaii could lead to include medical assistants, dental technicians, massage therapists, and construction trades like drywallers, tile installers and more.

Trade schools in Hawaii: A path to the future

The population of Hawaii in 2010, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, was 1,360,301. The per capita income in May 2009 was $42,009, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, while the Bureau of Labor Statistics pegged the mean annual wage for all occupations for the same month at $42,760 (median hourly wage $16.61). Other median hourly wages ranged from $14.26 for dental assistants and $17.22 for massage therapists to $20.65 for occupational therapist assistants and $18.50 and $30.95 for carpet and drywall installers, respectively.

Hawaii enjoys a lower unemployment rate than most of the country, and the beautiful setting and warm community make it truly a paradise to live in. The many trade schools in Hawaii can offer an opportunity to learn a new career while living in one of the most beautiful places on earth.

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