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The hottest jobs coming up in the future of Ontario are in four sectors: clean/green technologies; financial services; life sciences; and information and communications technology. Thanks to an initiative by the Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the Strategic Jobs and Investment Fund has been designed to foster investments in these sectors.

If you're uncertain where you'd like your career to lead, why not consider attending trade schools in Ontario? Trade schools focus solely on career-oriented classes, without electives or other requirements. Trade schools in Ontario offer programs to get you ready for a career that will fit perfectly into the Ontario economy.

Living in and attending trade schools in Ontario

Ontario's history stretches back at least 7,000 years, so there's plenty to see and do, from the thousands of lakes to lush farmland in the south and the north's grassy lowlands. Ontario's geography also plays into Ontario's economy--the north depends on natural resources and the south, which is heavily industrial, provides 70 percent of the overall economy.

Some 13.2 million people--30 percent of Canada's population--live in Ontario, according to the provincial government. The population of Toronto, the capital, is 5.7 million, according to the Ontario Ministry of Finance. Personal income per capita in Ontario is $36,559.

Choose to attend one of the trade schools in Ontario and you're choosing to learn a profession that can fit into the local economy while improving your chances of landing a satisfying career.


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Other Career Colleges & Vocational Schools in Ontario

Automotive Training Centres
Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver; also online courses. Automotive technician, auto body tech, parts / service, sales, more.
Canadian Business College
Toronto, Ontario. Accounting, business, information technology, health care, dental hygiene and more. www.cbstraining.com
Nexient Learning
Chatham, Kitchener, London, Markham, Mississauga, Ottawa, Richmond Hill, Toronto, also locations in other provinces