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Trade Schools in Prince Edward Island

Traditional industries in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island are agriculture, fishing and tourism. There are also emerging industries starting to drive the PEI economy, which include aerospace, bioscience and information technology, and each is growing.

According to the provincial government, aerospace has become PEI's fourth largest sector and employs 700 people; information technology employs 2,100; and more and more video game development companies in Canada are heading for PEI. If you're looking for a career and thinking about vocational school, trade schools in PEI can prepare you for work in professions beginning to drive the PEI economy.

Quality of life while attending trade schools in PEI

Once called "the land cradled on the waves," Prince Edward Island is the smallest Canadian province. Today PEI is home to a population of 140,985, according to the PEI Provincial Treasury--a population split evenly into urban and rural denizens. Median income in 2008 was $61,010 per census family, according to Statistics Canada.

Located on Canada's east coast, the island is crescent-shaped and the climate is varied. And PEI isn't just Canada's most green province because of the lush environment--it also has a waste management program that recycles 65 percent of waste materials.

Canada's economy came out of the recession in the third quarter of 2009, according to the PEI Provincial Treasury. Consumer spending rose between 2008 and 2009 by 0.6 percent. Trade schools in PEI can train you in the emerging industries in the province's economy.

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