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Saskatchewan's economy was once dominated by mining and petroleum extraction. However, financial services recently outpaced energy production as the province's largest source of new careers. As many of the more grueling local jobs become outdated or automated, workers explore new fields like health care, technology and business services. Trade schools in Saskatchewan offer critical career development opportunities in communities that must redefine themselves for the 21st century.

The government website offers some good news: As of March 4, 2011, Saskatchewan's financial position had improved due to higher prices for non-renewable resources and increased tax revenue. Also, housing costs in the province are lower than in most major Canadian cities.

Trade schools in Saskatchewan chart future job paths

Saskatchewan has about 1 million people, and nearly 200,000 live in the province's capital city, Regina. During the city's early years, it served as a transportation and shipping hub, moving tons of wheat and petroleum products to other parts of Canada and the United States. Global competition led some of the region's agriculture businesses to experiment with heartier strains of wheat. Historians cite that shift toward research as the start of a trend that now incorporates a major high-technology corridor.

Residents of the province enjoy access to some of North America's most attractive and pristine natural landscapes, especially during the mild summers. Many of the one-time small towns surrounding Regina have enjoyed revitalization as telecommuters choose to work and live in idyllic environments on riverfronts and near lake shores. Trade schools in Saskatchewan help continue that trend, teaching computer skills and vocational techniques to a new generation of Canadians.

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