Colleges and Universities in Calgary, Alberta

Colleges and Universities in Calgary

Surrounded by natural beauty, Calgary is a dynamic cross-section of activities and events, and education opportunities in Calgary are as diverse as the city itself. Mount Royal University and the University of Calgary - alma mater of Prime Minister Stephen Harper - attract students from across the globe. They are joined by colleges and institutes that may offer vocational training programs. An international business hub, Calgary is an ideal location for those interested in careers in the region's major industries: financial services, information technology, oil and gas, and telecommunications. Online schools in Calgary also provide training in these and other fields.

Calgary career options for college graduates

Calgary is home to the largest number of technology start-ups per capita in Canada, and the Java computer language was first developed here. The city is also North America's fastest growing economic region which makes it attractive to finance and business students.

According to information gathered by the Canadian government, graduates of schools in Calgary may be able to expect the following hourly average wages in growth industries:

  1. Banking, credit and other investment managers: CAN $32.30
  2. Computer programmers and interactive media developers: CAN $30.26
  3. Information systems analysts and consultants: CAN $36.45
  4. Petroleum engineers: CAN $44.04
  5. Supervisors, mineral and metal processing: CAN $27.03
  6. Supervisors, finance and insurance clerks: CAN $24.48
  7. Telecommunications line and cable workers: CAN $23.81

While you are working your way to these or other careers, don't miss the chance to take part in special student perks available in Calgary. Students enrolled in schools in Calgary are eligible for discounted tickets and admissions to events such as the Alberta Ballet.