Colorado Springs Colleges and Universities | Colorado, CO

Universities and Colleges in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is popular with outdoor enthusiasts. It sits at the base of Pikes Peak, a famous mountain on the edge of the Rocky Mountain range. Outside Magazine ranked it 2009's Best American City. The U.S. Census Bureau reports that the 2009 population of 399,827 was a 10 percent increase over the local population in 2000.

Schools in Colorado Springs, CO

There are fifteen Colorado Springs colleges and universities. Popular Colorado Springs schools include Colorado College, Nazarene Bible College and University of the Rockies. Sports are popular in Colorado Springs. This is where the U.S. Olympic Training Centers are located. Leading activities enjoyed by Colorado Springs residents include: visiting sports museums and art museums, seasonal festivals including a jazz festival, Shakespeare festival and wine festival, Minor League baseball, all forms of outdoor sports especially mountain sports including hiking and skiing and gold mine tours. In addition to the activities available in the city, residents can travel one hour north to Denver for additional entertainment and culture. Getting around the city is typically done by car. AllState Insurance ranked the city in the top five for 2010 driver safety. A car crash here is 20 percent less likely than the nationwide average.

Working in Colorado Springs

According to The Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2009 Colorado Springs mean annual income was $43,790, which is comparable to the national average. At 8.8 percent, the city's unemployment rate is lower than the 9.5 percent national average, and the cost of living was below the national average in all indexed categories except health care.