Universities and Colleges in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, Indiana is called 'the Crossroads of America' because of its proximity to numerous interstate highways, railways, and waterways. Indianapolis is also home to the Indy 500 and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the largest spectator sporting facility in the world. Its convenient location and accessibility makes it a draw for businesses--particularly in manufacturing and logistics. In fact, the Indianapolis International Airport was the first post-9/11-constructed airport, and it consistently earns praise from business and leisure travelers.The city's population of 807,584 residents makes it the 14th most populous city in the country. Indianapolis, IN is home to the nation's only urban cultural state park, one of the nation's largest art museums, and the largest children's museum in the world. The city's arts and culture offerings and other recreational opportunities--including some of the nation's greatest professional sports--make it an appealing place to live, study, work, and play.

Attending Schools in Indianapolis

You'll find 42 accredited post-secondary programs and colleges in Indianapolis, IN, including Indiana University, Purdue University, Butler University, and the University of Indianapolis. Students attending Indianapolis schools enjoy a four-season climate, and enormous recreational and sporting event options. In fact, if you're attending one of the area's colleges in 2012, you'll have the chance to experience the excitement when Super Bowl XLVI is hosted here. Indianapolis also offers world-class dining, shopping, and nightlife.

Working in Indianapolis, IN

Because of its accessibility and proximity to major land, air, and sea routes, Indianapolis' largest industry is transportation and material moving. The next four largest industries, by number of employees, are as follows:

  • Production
  • Health Care
  • Business and Financial Operations
  • Education

The city's unemployment rate is 9.2 percent, slightly lower than the national rate of 9.5 percent.The mean annual wage for all occupations in Indianapolis, IN is $41,900, as compared to the national average of $43,460. The city is also an affordable place to live, with a cost of living 11 percent below the national average and a cost of housing 17 percent below average prices. This means students at Indianapolis colleges can enjoy affordable living while in school and solid employment prospects upon graduation.