Universities and Colleges in Toronto

Students from around the world come to study at schools in Toronto. Each year, the city's 2.48 million residents welcome more than 130,000 university students and 61,000 college students. As one of the three local universities, the University of Toronto can boast seven Nobel Prize winners among its past faculty and alumni. Other education opportunities include four community colleges and a degree-granting college of art and design. As technology advances, students can also look for online schools in Toronto to expand.

Toronto Jobs and Careers

After graduation, many students choose to remain in Toronto to start their careers. According to the Toronto Employment Survey 2010, jobs opportunities in the city continue to remain steady even after an economic slowdown in 2009. In 2010, overall employment increased by 5,100 jobs to account for more than 1.2 million working positions, with the greatest level of growth occurring in the Downtown and Centres. The city is a leader in terms of satellite communications services and data distribution networks and is also home to the country's five largest banks as well as more than 100 securities firms.

The Canadian government tracks employment trends and average wages for workers in the Toronto region. According to their figures, the following average hourly wages are representative for occupations in the area:

  1. Banking, Credit and Other Investment Managers: CAN $36.10
  2. Computer and information systems managers: CAN $41.52
  3. Financial managers: CAN $34.69
  4. Human resources managers: CAN $33.30
  5. Software engineers and designers: CAN $36.60
  6. Telecommunication carriers managers: CAN $36.35
  7. University professors: CAN $46.51

Until you finish your degree and are ready to fill one of these high-paying jobs, Toronto offers lots of student discounts to help you stretch your dollars. Those enrolled at schools in Toronto have access to perks such as reduced prices to the theatre, area museums and even the CN Tower, which was nominated as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.