Universities and Colleges in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh has a lot to offer it's students. The city's unique combination of bridges, steep hills, and broad rivers make it one of the most naturally scenic cities in the country. This true sports town with the Steelers and Pirates offer lots of local water holes, and the locals are amazingly friendly. With a metro population of 311,647, Pittsburgh offers the best of a big city with the charm of a Midwestern town. Located in western Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh has a rich history and, for its size, an unusual array of cultural treasures, largely thanks to the wealth that was generated when Pittsburgh was a hub of the steel industry. Take a break from your studies at any of the schools in Pittsburgh, and you can see a Broadway show, hear a world-famous piece of music, inspect groundbreaking art and classic architecture, and become a part of its bustling nightlife.

Studying at Schools and Colleges in Pittsburgh, PA

Colleges in Pittsburgh, PA remain a well-kept secret. There are 29 Pittsburgh universities, including Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Pittsburgh--known as being a university with very high research activity, especially in the fields of engineering and science--and Duquesne University. More than 17 percent of graduates from schools Pittsburgh have earned higher graduate or professional degrees, placing the city among the top ranked for educated young people.

Working and Living in Pittsburgh

Students completing courses at Pittsburgh colleges can find jobs in leading industries such as health care, while technology, education, and banking have a strong presence there too. The median household income in Pittsburgh is $41,450, slightly lower than the national average of $43,460. Overall, the cost of living in Pittsburgh is about 8 percent below the national average. Students of universities in Pittsburgh who choose this area will be delighted with the rebirth of the city. Housing prices are very affordable running about 26 percent below the national average. Unemployment rates in the city are also about a point below the national average--8.6 percent in July 2010 compared to a national rate of 9.5 percent in the same month. Pittsburgh universities present potential students wonderful options. If you'd like a memorable learning experience, explore Pittsburgh colleges and universities today.