Colleges and Universities in Montreal

The largest city in Quebec province, Montreal is home to four sizable universities, giving it the highest percentage of university students in its population of any major North American city except Boston.

College students in Montreal can select from a number of schools, including McGill University, an Anglophone school that is the top-ranked postsecondary institution in the country and attracts many students from around the world. The École Polytechnique de Montréal is a University of Montreal-affiliated engineering school that is top-ranked in the nation. In addition, Montreal has 12 junior colleges, performing arts schools and vocational training.

Career opportunities for graduates of Montreal universities and colleges

Montreal is the economic engine of Quebec, with about 50% of the province's population, jobs and real GDP, according to Montréal International, the economic development agency for Greater Montreal. And according to Statistics Canada, Montreal ranks first among metropolitan areas in Canada in terms of industrial diversity, meaning that a variety of employment possibilities await graduates of colleges and universities in Montreal.

One of the leading local industries is the aerospace sector: Montreal is one of three major aerospace hubs in the world, with a concentration of leading manufacturers. It also has a world-class life sciences sector, and hosts the headquarters of world leaders in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and medical technology. Metropolitan Montreal is home to the largest concentration of research complexes in Canada. The high-tech sector is also dynamic – Montreal is an information and communications powerhouse. Other thriving business sectors include agriculture and food, environmental technologies, transportation and logistics, and nanotechnology.

Many schools in Montreal offer career services for graduates that may include assistance with everything from resumes to job interviews. According to Canadian government statistics (2011), the following are average hourly wages for careers in the area:

  1. Financial auditors and accountants: CAN $22.25
  2. Industrial designers: CAN $19.00
  3. Mechanical engineers: CAN $30.00
  4. Medical radiation technologists: CAN $23.00
  5. Physicists and astronomers: CAN $23.85
  6. Registered nurses: CAN $27.75

With a wealth of educational resources and a large pool of options for employment, Montreal is the ideal city for students and recent graduates.