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Universities and Colleges in Memphis

From the famous blues dives on Beale Street to the old Stax Recording Studio that has been converted to the only museum anywhere dedicated to soul music, Memphis resonates with the rhythms and notes of the Mississippi delta. Students at Memphis colleges should find no shortage of vitality in the city's nightlife. Also a city of powerful culinary depth, Memphis, TN, feeds your soul in a variety of ways.Most recent population estimates show more than 676,000 people living in Memphis, and the city has grown about 4 percent in the past decade.

Memphis, TN Colleges and Universities

Students at colleges and universities in Memphis, TN, attend school near a historic bend in the mighty Mississippi river, in an area with a rich cultural past.Major universities in Memphis include a formidable branch of the University of Tennessee system, as well as the University of Memphis and Rhodes College, a top-tier service institution. Specialized colleges in Memphis, such as the Memphis College of Art and the Southern College of Optometry, also exist in the region. Find your passion and study it in style at schools in Memphis, TN.

Significant Industries and Careers in Memphis, TN

True to its history as a major bulk-breaking point on the Mississippi River line, Memphis employs a high number of transportation and material moving specialists. The education sector also provides numerous employment opportunities for graduates of Memphis universities. The growing health care sector offers employment in professions that are among some of the highest paid positions in the city.Memphis had an unemployment rate of 10.1 percent in 2009. Although that's slightly higher than the national average of 9.5 percent, the city has been seeing steady decreases in unemployment for much of 2010. The mean annual wage for Memphis residents sits at a comfortable $39,380, and the city's relatively low cost of living--about 12 percent below the national average--allows that figure to stretch even further than it would in most places. Students at colleges in Memphis can also look forward to positions in vibrant management, business, and financial operations markets, for which the mean annual salaries frequently double or almost triple the citywide average.