Link to Us

Link to Us

Here are code snippets for some easy text links.

Text links load faster than banners, and are more meaningful for search engine spiders when they index your pages. Please note that we prefer to leave out the www. bit from our links.

Copy and paste these code snippets to place wherever you wish on your site.

For a link like this: U101 College Search

Here's the code:

<p><A HREF="">U101 College Search</A></p>

If space is tight, you might prefer this: College Search

<p><A HREF="">College Search></A></p>


If you prefer, feel free to link directly to any page in the site. Many sites like to link directly to the page of colleges for their area, for example.

For a link like this: Colleges in Texas

Copy and paste this:

<p><A HREF="">Colleges in Texas></A></p>

Check the page you'd like to link to, to get the exact URL to use in the link.